Full Kid Icarus: Uprising Soundtrack for Japan

If you’ve played even a small amount of Kid Icarus: Uprising, there’s one thing you probably noticed: the music, sweeping orchestral scores that sound fantastic despite the snippet-style listening you get inside a game. Well, it turns out that everyone’s going to get a chance to hear the full versions of the songs, as a soundtrack of the game’s music will enable you to enjoy the songs without the urgency of enemies coming after you from all sides.

That said… you’re going to have to be in Japan to get a copy. I know, I know. They’ve already had a single-disc version available for some time now through Club Nintendo (as we’ve mentioned before), but now they’re going to get a three-disc soundtrack to amp up even the most casual listener’s appreciation.

Now, according to Destructoid, while it’s been nearly impossible for non-residents of Japan to get ahold of a copy, CD Japan (www.cdjapan.co.jp) has been able to make it available for export. You’ll pay a hefty chunk of change for it, however—because while $45USD for the three-disc set isn’t so bad, the whole package will hit around $60USD after shipping (and not accounting for potential customs/duty charges if applicable).

But if that sounds reasonable to you, get ready for next week’s release date and be sure to bookmark CD Japan!


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