What’s Up for Download in North America?

Not that many of you really care, as the release for New Super Mario Bros. 2 is only days away, but there ARE alternatives if that’s not your thing. Not too many this week, but hopefully enough to keep your fingers tapping away for a few days more.

That said, you can choose to download New Super Mario Bros. 2 ($39.99) this Sunday (Aug 19) so technically it’s a download title, and you’ll get double the Club Nintendo coins if you download up to four weeks after launch.

In the eShop, it’s time for Crazy Chicken Pirates 3D, for only $1.99. It’s a tap-and-shoot title that we told you about a few days ago, though you may have already played it on the PC for free in the past. Apparently it’s been updated and should be a lot of fun. Watch out for our review on this one soon.

You can also get the game on DSiWare for 200 points, but it won’t be in 3D.

And as part of the Month of Mario, you can get Mario’s Picross for $2.99 until August 22nd. It’s the Game Boy version, with plenty of puzzles (250+!) and enough fun to whet your appetite for the upcoming new title.


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