No Objection Here: Ace Attorney 5 Confirmed for 3DS

Here’s the news you’ve been waiting for, Phoenix Wright fans: Ace Attorney 5 has been confirmed by Famitsu as a 3DS title! The magazine’s announcement also revealed a mysterious girl wearing yellow, and all we know so far is that she’s a key character in the game. More will be revealed soon, namely at the Tokyo Game Show, where attendees will get a chance to play a fifteen-minute demo and receive a piece of Capcom swag.

The game will be set a year after the events in the previous game, and it looks like our heroic lawyer will be returning to, uh, lawyering.

There have also been some hints at new gameplay models for this title, in addition to making use of the 3DS’s 3D capabilities. A screenshot from Famitsu shows facial expression icons on the screen, which has sparked the rumor that players may be able to select specific expressions for Wright during key moments in the game.

Currently, the game is TBA in terms of release date, but Famitsu also had a large ad for Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney on the back cover, with a numeric clue that appears to suggest a release date for this upcoming November.


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