Ghost Recon Online for Wii U Stays in the Shadows… Possibly Forever

Earlier this year, fans of Nintendo and Tom Clancy games got a little worried when Ubisoft neglected to mention Ghost Recon Online for the Wii U at E3. Afterward, the company’s sales & marketing VP, Tony Key, put rumors to rest by assuring fans that Ubisoft still planned to release a Wii U version, but only after PC development was complete.

Well, here we are several months closer to seeing the Wii U hit store shelves, and we’re afraid your impatience will continue for some time yet. In fact, a recent statement to ( from the game’s producer (Theo Sanders) makes us wonder if we’ll ever see the title make its way to the new Nintendo platform—or at the very least, if it’ll hit the Wii U in time to satisfy gamer hunger for the title on the new system.

Here’s what Sanders had to say:

As of right now, the entire Ghost Recon team is focused on the PC version only, the Wii U version is on hold. If in the future we have an opportunity to address it again, we’ll make future announcements. But as of right now we’re focused completely on the PC version.

It’s not a reaction to anything specific happening to [Wii U]. It was a really fun, cool platform to develop for. But you realise once you launch an online service that it’s an all-consuming effort, so we really wanted to have all hands on deck.

I’m not really in a position to talk about the Wii U, but our particular choice for Ghost Recon Online was purely based on the fact that we had one dev team working on both SKUs and it was an all-consuming effort with the PC launch. It’s tough launching an online game.


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