Fallblox Coming to eShop in November

Remember that really fun game on the 3DS called Pushmo? Or if you’re in Europe, you might know it by another title, Pushblox. Well, this November 22nd in North America (and just sometime in November for European players), the sequel—Crashmo (NA), or Fallblox (EU)—is coming to an eShop near you!

The game will contain all the charm of the first instalment, but with added challenges and more devious puzzles. Players will be able to see their towers from front to back—instead of only straight-on—and it’ll have a more Jenga-like feel with higher blocks potentially becoming unstable. When that happens, gravity will take over, and your whole tower may collapse.

Nintendo has also promised added features like switches, floating blocks, doors, and “enhanced puzzle-creation and sharing features.”


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