How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria Land? Don’t Play It.

Look, it’s no secret that many smartphone-based games these days are clones of popular titles, but the latest effort to duplicate a Nintendo title is the most blatant of them all. The game, Super Maria Land, actually touts itself as a “Mario Clone” directly in the official Google Play store description.

It’s obviously a rip-off of the SNES’s Super Mario World, and the graphics confirm any suspicions you might have had. Here’s what the official description says:

“By popular demand Super Maria Land Flash version has been ported for android. Now you can play even when you are in the subways or simply play Super Maria Land the Free Super Mario Clone in your couch.”

Regardless of the fact that it might be somewhat uncomfortable to play “in your couch”, folks are already up in arms and demanding the game’s removal from Google Play. Depending how on the ball the team over at Android is, this may disappear quickly or stick around making more people angry for a little while.


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