New Chasing Aurora Trailer as Wii U eShop Takes Flight

Indie developer Broken Rules has just released a brand new launch trailer for its Wii U game Chasing Aurora. It’s the perfect weapon to entice gamers to slap down  a few extra dollars during release week, while Wii U owners look for new games to play on their shiny new system.

The game supports up to five people in multiplayer, and is a 2D vector art, aerial-view game that sees players battling each other as birds in flight. The goal in most of the game’s modes is to find and collect a pendant called Aurora’s Gem (hence the title). The GamePad is used as a “special player” in-game (like we’re seeing on many Wii U games) and roles can be swapped during gameplay.

Chasing Aurora is one of five Wii U eShop games that can be downloaded this week, and it’ll set you back $14.99.


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