Cloudberry Kingdom Delayed on Wii U

Sit tight—news from developer Pwnee Studios has announced that its upcoming title for the Wii U eShop, Cloudberry Kingdom, is currently delayed. While it was expected to go live this month, a spokesperson for the studio had this to say about whether we’ll see it in the coming weeks:

“Unfortunately it is not. Looks like we’re going to delay for a bit and go for a simultaneous launch across multiple platforms.”

It’s too bad, but it’s not as big of a surprise as it might have been, considering the rumors that have been circulating online that Pwnee Studio’s lack of ability to confirm the title’s availability at Wii U launch meant we wouldn’t get the game as soon as we’d thought.

Currently, the studio isn’t announcing a release date for the title, but considering the  anticipation on this one, we’re keeping our fingers crossed that it comes before year’s end.


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