300 Billion Coins: New World Record in NSMB 2

Nintendo Japan’s Nintendo Direct presentation yesterday offered up some fun news! President Satoru Iwata announced in the program that New Super Mario Bros. 2 players have collected over 300 billion coins worldwide—that’s a lot of coin!

In celebration of the achievement, there’s been an exclusive, free DLC level pack made available in Japan and Europe—no word yet on when it’ll hit North America, but we’re keeping our fingers crossed for soon! The Golden Classic Course Pack will revert to being paid DLC on January 31st, 2013, so grab it while you can.

What is this DLC pack, you ask? Well, here’s a link to the ND presentation that’ll show you, but if you have little patience and would rather go get playing, it’s a celebration of Mario titles from the past and features a selection of classic level courses, some which were fan-selected. Give it a go—let’s see what happens when we hit 500 billion coins together!


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