Google Maps and Panorama View For NA Wii U-sers

See what we did there? U…sers? Users?


Anyway, Japan’s Nintendo Direct presentation in the wee hours of today revealed that both Google Maps and Panorama View would be coming to Japan Wii U systems… and later on, not to leave anyone out, it was confirmed that we’d see the same on North American and European systems in the near future. These will be available to download in the Wii U eShop in Spring 2013.

If you recall, Panorama View was a feature used to show off the GamePad’s abilities during early development of the Wii U, allowing you to move the GamePad around 360 degrees to view scenes and places from any and all possible angles. For example, you could fly with a flock of birds, or take a bike tour of Paris. We’ve heard of it showing up now and again at trade shows since then, but there’s been little said about it and many speculated that the app was simply a tech demo. Think again! We’ll get to download it in Spring 2013.

As for Google Maps, on Wii U it’s possible to use the GamePad to pan the camera around, which will be very helpful on streetview (and possibly more intuitive than doing it on your computer). With dual screen abilities, you’ll be able to see streetview on the GamePad with the overhead view on the TV screen.  Handy!


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