DSiWare vs. Color Commando: The Fight Continues

Not a real fight, of course, but moreso the continuing fight to bring DSiWare titles to gamers despite being usurped by the 3DS eShop long ago. But there has still been an ongoing slew of titles for this older platform, which is doubtlessly assisted by the 3DS equivalent release at the same time.

Now, one of the best known developers of DSiWare games is planning on bringing one last gem to the platform—Color Commando, from Goodbye Galaxy Games. Hugo Smits has mentioned to NintendoLife why this is happening and why it could be the final game from him on DsiWare:

“I also did not plan to make another DSiWare game, but my girlfriend was visiting family for a week (her family lives in Hungary – the piano stage of Flipper 2 is a homage to that). So I was all alone that week with some bags of M&Ms… what can you do?”

If that’s not inspiration, I don’t know what it. The game will be published by CIRCLE Entertainment, probably at the 200 Nintendo Points level. Color Commando is presently in the approval stage with Nintendo, so hopefully we’ll see the game fairly soon.

Though we’ll see a website launching tomorrow with more info on the game, at this point it sounds like a puzzle/shooter deal, with paint monsters that need to be shot with the same color paint in order to advance. Even with these few details, Smits’ previous games have been solid titles, so we’re hopeful for the success of this one as well.


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