3DS Lifetime Sales in Japan Dominate PS3

The news that the 3DS has been dominating sales in Japan isn’t new news—this handheld system has been moving 2.5 more units than all other platforms combined, and apparently there’s no sign of a sales slowdown in sight.

According to the stats from Media Create, during the week of December 3rd-9th, the 3DS moved over 211,000 units, bringing the total sales in Japan to over 8 million of the portable system. It has officially overtaken the PS3, which has sold about 83,000 fewer units than the 3DS at this point.

And as for the Playstation Vita, well… things aren’t looking so great. At all. In total, it’s only moved about 11,000 units, which is nearly 9,000 fewer than its PSP predecessor.

So is anything outselling the 3DS in Japan? Well, yes—the Wii U. It sold just over 308,000 units this week, so we’re fairly certain Nintendo isn’t going to be complaining about that anytime soon.


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