New Super Mario Bros. 2 Course Pack Available Tomorrow

It’s here! Nintendo has revealed what the final course packs will be for New Super Mario Bros. 2’s DLC content.

The “Impossible” and “Mystery Adventures” packs will be available starting tomorrow in North America for only $2.50 each. Both of these course packs will have three new courses set in Coin Rush mode. “Mystery Adventures” will challenge players to explore and search for hidden pathways, and the “Impossible” pack is… well, just what it sounds like.

All three of the courses in “Impossible” have no coins and no power-ups, and the only way of ending the course with coins? Is through completing the level. The amount of coins you earn is determined by how quickly you end the level—and as might be expected, Nintendo suggests that only the most skilled Mario players try this one out.

Like that’s going to stop anyone. Check out the trailer for these level packs here:


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