Swords & Soldiers Storming the 3DS Next Year

Although it was originally released for WiiWare waaaay back in 2009, that’s not going to stop Circle Entertainment from releasing the strategy title Swords & Soldiers in 3D on the 3DS eShop next year!

Originally developed by Romino Games, the game is getting its update and move to the eShop thanks to Circle Entertainment. Chris Chau, the CEO of Circle spoke to Siliconera, saying:

“We reached out to Romino a few months ago. They’re very ice and they’re happy to do a 3DS version of Swords & Soldiers. Circle always wants to take on new projects in different genres, so Swords & Soldiers 3D can be a first step [to making more 3DS titles].”

Chau also mentioned that Circle Entertainment is, er, entertaining the idea of offering players some free DLC and perhaps a downloadable demo for the game prior to arrival. While this is still up for discussion, he mentioned that the game should be available within a few months, possibly by spring.


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