Weapon Details Revealed for Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

With Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate’s release coming up quickly in March 2013, some of the details on the game’s weapons have been coming down the line from Capcom Unity. From what’s been said so far, it’s looking like Capcom wants this instalment to appeal not only to long-time Monster Hunter vets, but also newcomers to the series.

The first weapon set to be discussed is the classic combo: Sword and Shield. This weapon set is apparently better suited to novice players of the series, though its simplicity also means that experienced and skilled players should be able to master it to deliver some serious damage. The shield in this set isn’t simply a defense piece either, as it can deliver impact hits and cause dizziness to the monster being fought in battle.

If you recall, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is going to be a Wii U exclusive, though it’s more or less an expanded HD version of Monster Hunter Tri for the Wii. This title will also have wireless interaction with a 3DS version of the game, so super fans can get a copy for each system and go to town on the big bads.

More weapon details should be coming down the line soon, so keep an eye out for updates as the release date in March gets closer!


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