Vehicles Recovered from Seattle Wii U Heist

In December, thieves were able to steal 7,000 Wii U consoles from a distribution warehouse located in Seattle, Washington by driving up to the Seattle Air Cargo warehouse at SeaTac airport in the middle of a storm—walking in—and then loading up dozens of cargo pallets full of Wii U consoles. They used three large vehicles to do the deed, and managed to get in and out without anyone seeing or stopping them!

This bizarre Danny Ocean-like case saw very little in terms of progress over the holidays, but a new development in the case has seen police recovery of the vehicles used in the heist. Unfortunately, they were empty—the consoles, long gone. Detectives reported finding “two  trailers and a box truck” from the job, with all markings and vehicle ID numbers hidden by white paint.

And as you might expect, with a job that big turning up only loose ends, the police are eager to make just about any development on it, and they’ve turned to the public for help. If you have any information on the missing consoles, the reward has been raised to $10,000. How can they offer that much? Easy—it’s a big money case, with the 7,000 Wii U consoles valued at around $2 million (considering they’re about $300 apiece).

It’s up to you, US Citizens! If you have any info on the whereabouts of these consoles, or if you’ve come across a sale online that looks like it might be stolen goods (ie. large quantities of Wii U consoles sold in one auction), please contact the King County Sherrif’s office at 206-296-3311.


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