Retro City Rampage is On Its Way!

You may have heard about all the delays coming down the line for Retro City Rampage, a game which was originally slated to be released this month… but when months went by without much solid info and plenty of rumors of things going wrong, no one was quite sure if the game would hit the target release window or not.

Well, the developer—Vblank—has affirmed that the game is, in fact, looking good for a launch this month. In a post on Reddit, they made a rather concise statement:

“It’s still on track to be out this month.”

All righty then. The game has already been released for PSN and PC, and so far has received a number of positive reviews. It may be part of the final countdown for WiiWare, but it seems like it’ll be well worth the investment in the meantime.


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