North America Wiis Get Amazon Instant Video Today

Amazon has made the announcement that its streaming video service, Instant Video, will launch today for the Wii in the United States. Interested parties can find the app inside the Wii Shop Channel, and those who choose to subscribe will have access to a catalogue service similar to Netflix—over 145,000 movies, TV shows, documentaries. If you choose to go with their Prime version of the service, you’ll be able to watch more than 30,000 titles for free.

Like Netflix, viewers can see their Recently Watched, Watchlist, and Recommendations categories to make navigation simpler. There’s a Parental Controls feature which allows filtering of age-appropriate content, and category-specific search ability.

The Senior VP of Network Business at Nintendo of America, Duncan Orrell-Jones, had a few things to say about the launch on Wii:

“Since it arrived in November of 2006, Wii has been a cultural phenomenon. With more than 40 million units purchased in the U.S. alone, the addition of Amazon Instant Video means more choice across a significant portion of the American entertainment landscape.”

Wii U users may recognized that the Amazon Instant Video app launched for them back in November, though with far more Wiis out in the wild at this point, it’s good to see Nintendo keeping on top of potential apps and updates to the more prominent but still older system.


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