North Americans & Europeans Begin Exploring The Cave on Wii U

Since this is the first download-only release in 2013—and it’s a Ron Gilbert game, no less—we’re here to tell you that The Cave is now available in North America and as of today, Europe! The whole game will run you $14.99, with an update coming on Thursday.

If you had a chance to play the demo for this game, you already know it’s a puzzle platformer that uses characters with different abilities to play through the game. There are seven characters to choose from, and each play-through uses three of them. Subsequent play-throughs will allow you to see the stories of any other characters you haven’t used (so long as you pick different ones each time), giving this title a good amount of replayability.

Just like we’d expect from Monkey Island creator Ron Gilbert, the game looks to be full of quirky humor, tricky puzzles, clever solutions, and an interesting story. Check out the full character trailer below if you haven’t had a chance to watch it yet… and then go get that download started!


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