Nintendo Australia Rewards Coin Millionaires

Coin collecting addiction has hit new heights around the world, and oddly enough, this isn’t even real cash money we can spend! Players of New Super Mario Bros. 2 have jacked the global coin total to 500 billion coins, and Nintendo Australia wants to reward those players who have worked like dogs to become coin millionaires in-game.

What’s your reward? Well, Nintendo has created an exclusive certificate—New Super Mario Bros. 2 themed, of course—to honor your hours upon hours spent at this achievement. To receive the certificate, take a photo of yourself with your Nintendo DS screen showing the 1 million coins total, and submit it to Nintendo Australia’s official website.

If you haven’t become a millionaire just yet? There’s still time! You have until March 31st to submit your tally screen, which means you have plenty of playing hours left to devour coins in the Gold Classics Pack for Coin Rush Mode, which is free to download up until the end of today. It features courses based on original Super Mario Bros. and Super Mario Bros. 3, so go download it and get collecting!


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