Castlevania Coming to 3DS Virtual Console

Ye Gamers of Olde will remember that in 1986, a game was released called Akumaj? Dracula—and in 1987, it arrived in North America has Castlevania and became an instant hit, quickly rising the ranks to “classic” status. The game had a gothic feel, high difficulty, and memorable music, and spawned a continuing line of games that continues to today… the latest being Castlevania: Lords of Shadow—Mirror of Fate, which releases this March on the 3DS.

Well, despite its age, the original NES game has recently received and ESRB rating for none other than the Nintendo 3DS, which tells us that it’s only a matter of time before we see the game hitting the Virtual Console.

Doubtless the many Castlevania fans out there are thrilled to hear this news; the game is still widely loved and played by many, and this release may serve to spark plenty of nostalgic moments among retro-loving gamers (and perhaps encourage them to try out the new title).


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