Sniper Elite V2 Reports for Duty on Wii U

A report has come down today that confirms Sniper Elite V2 will be on its way to Wii U this Spring, though no specific date has been set. This World War II shooter was developed by a UK-based company, Rebellion Developments, and originally launched on Xbox 360, PC, and PS3 in 2012.


Several screenshots have been released of just how the game will use the GamePad controller, and it looks like a thoughtful use of the extra screen. When VG247 had a chance to talk to the CEO of Rebellion Developments, Jason Kingsley, he mentioned that the Wii U version will have a brand new control system and a different level of interactivity, of the kind that’s only possible with the GamePad:

“Sniper Elite is just the kind of mature game that is perfect for the different mechanisms of the Wii U. It’s been a challenge to get it right, but thanks to our team and the fantastic support of our partners at 505 Games we believe we’ve brought the unique gameplay to a whole new platform.”

Sure, it’s a year old, but the innovations planned for the Wii U make this a title that might be worth keeping an eye on. It was released to mostly positive criticism on the other platforms, meaning with the Wii U version, the developers have a chance to fix mistakes and make the game that much better.


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