THQ Will Sell Remaining IPs in April

Last month, veteran game publisher THQ auctioned off the majority of its assets, with various IPs and studios going to the highest bidder—and to the surprise of many, the Darksiders franchise studio, Vigil Games, didn’t sell. Speculation rose that the Darksiders franchise had seen its final days as a result.

Well, it’s not quite as dead and gone as we’d thought. THQ has announced that it will endeavour to sell nearly all its remaining IPs this April in a “court-supervised” sale. The IP titles up for grabs in this sale include: Darksiders, Red Faction, Homeworld, MX, Destroy All Humans!, Summoner, and Big Beach Sports.

We’ll also see other licensed software such as Marvel Super Hero Squad, Worms, and Supreme Commander up for sale. Initial bids have to be submitted by April 1st, and final bids by April 15th.

Final approval for the sales won’t be announced until May, but THQ has mentioned that there’s been significant interest for a number of the titles so far. It stands to reason that Darksiders may be among those that garner some competition for the sale, considering its growing  popularity and critical acclaim (which included a Wii U release for Darksiders II).


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