Ubisoft Says Rayman Legends Delay Means Better Game

If everything had gone according to plan, we’d all be sitting around our Wii U today, playing Rayman Legends. Well, that didn’t happen… we now get to wait until September to play it.

But Ubisoft is putting a positive spin on the whole situation, with CEO Yves Guillemot reassuring everyone that the finished code for the Wii U version isn’t just sitting around somewhere, waiting until September’s release. Instead, Ubisoft is doing what it can to make the game even better.

In speaking to Kotaku, Guillmot had this to say about the situation:

“The Wii U the team is working hard on the Wii U [version] to make sure it continues to improve, so it can become one of the best Wii U games. We hope it can be one of the top games Ubisoft creates. What’s very important to consider is that when a team has more time, they are able to continue to improve the quality of the game. When we saw we had more time, we saw all of the possibilities. Some of the possibilities are the social features that we are seeing today, but also new bosses, new possibilities that will take the game to a level that people will love.”

It remains to be seen whether fans will be pacified by these comments, but at least the company is keeping potential players informed about the status of this highly anticipated game.


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