Nintendo’s Year of Luigi Infiltrates the Miiverse

As a part of Nintendo’s ongoing promotion of 2013 being the “Year of Luigi”, Nintendo has launched no less than three—yes, three!—communities in the Miiverse to support the oft-overlooked plumber sibling.

In the communities, Wii U users are invited to talk about Luigi, post drawings and ask questions. The three communities are: the Official Year of Luigi community, the Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon 3DS title discussion thread, and the Year of Luigi Developer’s Room.

And three rather important people have left messages in these rooms already! Here’s what they had to say:

Takashi Tezuka: We have prepared a place where everyone can talk about Luigi. Are you a fan of Luigi? Is there something you especially love about him? Post it all here! Let’s see if we can reach a million visitor! (sic)

Yoshihito Ikebata: I’m Ikebata of Nintendo, supervisor of Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon / Luigi’s Mansion 2. We have created a community for the new Luigi’s Mansion title, which kicks off the Year of Luigi. Please feel free to post about the game in this community!

Shigeru Miyamoto: It’s been a whole 30 years since Luigi’s debut in Mario Bros.! Thanks to Luigi’s fans within Nintendo and all over the world, we have created many games starring Luigi. I hereby declare 2013 to be the Year of Luigi!

There are already plenty of comments being left in the community threads, with players pledging to make their way through games as Luigi instead of Mario, and expressing their hopes for more major roles for the green-wearing Italian sibling.


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