Sympathy for the Monsters…?

Capcom has revealed a number of their upcoming features for the Wii U edition of the game Resident Evil: Revelations, most of which aren’t a big surprise in terms of being tied to the GamePad. The GamePad will display map, weapons, and inventory information—as expected—the same way as players saw it in two-screen format on their 3DS.

Or, you can play it on the GamePad only, or without the GamePad on the TV screen using a Pro Controller—so you have options, depending on your preferred game style. Capcom has also enabled the Miiverse, allowing players to post messages on their “You Are Dead” screen—allowing you to send a message about your own, uh, unfortunate end.

But strangest of all… and most unexpected… is the ‘Creatures Voice’ function. This gives players in Raid Mode the power to customize the thoughts of the enemies… so you can either taunt your friends, or make them feel really, really guilty. We can see it now—monsters looking forward to seeing their puppy when they get home, or monsters who aren’t evil, just “misunderstood”…

Now, if you’re afraid this will spoil the tense atmosphere of a Resident Evil game that many have come to love, the mode is optional. There are other new features in the game as well, such as new enemies in Raid Mode (Capcom is keeping the identity of one of these a secret for the time being)—and Rachel from the 3DS version will be playable in Raid Mode next to Hunk.


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