SEGA Hasn’t Given Up On Wii U… Despite Friday’s Announcement

Over the weekend, it was reported on various gaming sites that Aliens: Colonial Marines Wii U had been cancelled by SEGA. Considering how poorly the game fared on other platforms and the strange history of the game, it’s not too much of a shock—and ultimately, it’s not likely too much of a loss for gamers in general.

However, the decision to abandon a Wii U title is concerning on any level, particularly coming from a major name like SEGA. The good news is, SEGA is still committed to their Wii U projects, and released a statement to Game Informer in this regard:

“We are constantly looking at all areas of our business and in this case have made the decision to not continue development of the Wii U version [of Aliens: Colonial Marines].

Rest assured that we have some fantastic developments for Wii U in the pipeline which we will announce at a later date.”

Well, that’s a relief. And of course, now we’re all curious to see what SEGA has planned for the system in the future!


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