Go, Go, Power Rangers… Game?

Believe it or not, Power Rangers is 20 years old. Yep, that takes us here at Nintendo Fire back in time…

But what might be even more surprising is that this franchise is still alive and kicking, and as part of the 20th anniversary celebrations, Nickelodeon has released a new show called Power Rangers Megaforce—and naturally, this will be morphed to a 3DS game.

This side-scrolling action title will be released by Namco Bandai sometime this fall, and the game will allow players to control their favourite Rangers in order to fight the (evil, of course) Warstar aliens. You’ll get help and advice from other Rangers while you play, and some enemies and levels will allow you to create a Megazord to defeat it.

Power Rangers Megaforce will reportedly use the 3DS camera to scan official Morpher Cards for in-game powerups—and players will be able to take a photo of themselves and watch the photo morph into the Ranger of choice… and then go fight some evil aliens, of course.


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