More News on New Super Luigi U

In today’s Nintendo Direct presentation, Satoru Iwata gave us some brand new details about the upcoming New Super Luigi U—a downloadable expansion for New Super Mario Bros. U! We first learned about the expansion back in February as part of the Year of Luigi.

The game will see the same world map, but with all 82 stages within the game modified to make Luigi the star! He’ll be able to jump higher than his brother, and be a little slower on the brakes when running. Players will get to push Luigi through various obstacles and challenges, and Iwata himself mentioned that the shorter stages (ie. starting a level on 100 seconds) are designed for multiple play-throughs.

If that’s not enough Luigi for you, there are other games on the way too: Mario and Luigi: Dream Team, Mario Golf: World Tour, and finally—finally!—a new Mario Party for the 3DS.

New Super Luigi U should be hitting our consoles this summer.


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