Game & Wario Retailing at Lower-Than-Usual Price

Last week in the U.S., savvy pre-ordering shoppers got wise to the fact that a number of retailers were listing the upcoming title Game & Wario for a price lower than what’s usually seen for a new game. Some folks took full advantage of what appeared to be a bargain price on pre-order, but Nintendo has since confirmed that, yes, that is the correct price! The official price for Game & Wario in the U.S. will be $39.99… a rare occurrence for a new Nintendo title.

We’re thinking that this lower pricing may be a strategic move by Nintendo of America to tempt consumers into picking up the console if they don’t already have it, since Game & Wario’s 16 mini-games are specifically designed to showcase the GamePad’s features. It may also be an effort to move more of these titles off the shelves, since the game hasn’t actually sold all that well in Japan—16 mini-games really isn’t that many for a full-scale release title.

If Game & Wario is your thing, head out there and get that pre-order in… or you can just wait until June 23rd and grab your copy then. If anything, it might be a title worth showing off to your friends—maybe tempt them into getting a Wii U of their own…?


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