SEGA and Gearbox Sued for “Misleading” Footage

There’s just been one hit after another when it comes to this game…  and no doubt SEGA hoped they’d heard the end of it when they cancelled the Wii U version of Aliens: Colonial Marines not too long ago. If you recall (and who doesn’t?!), the game released on other platforms to scathing reviews and many irate gamers over what appeared to be one of the biggest disappointments in gaming history in quite some time.

And after the cancellation, it looked like the furor would finally die down, but apparently not. SEGA and Gearbox have been hit with a class action lawsuit in the United States that’s based around claims that the early demo footage for Aliens: Colonial Marines bore zero resemblance to the final product… and therefore mislead consumers who purchased the game.

SEGA Europe already dealt with this potential backlash by sticking a disclaimer on their trailers that states the video footage shown isn’t representative of the final product, but this American lawsuit is the real deal. Law firm Edelson LLC has filed it on behalf of plaintiff Damion Perrine, who has decided he’d like to seek compensation for all Aliens fans who purchased the game based on the misleading footage they were shown in demo reels.

So far? No comment from SEGA, but we’ll keep you apprised on this developing story!


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