1-UP Studio Website Launches

Back in February, developer Brownie Brown—of Fantasy Life fame—restructured and underwent a name change. This Nintendo subsidiary has kept things quiet while the changes took place and everyone got settled, but as of today, the company’s new website is open for business.

And the new name? 1-UP Studio.

There’s a welcome message on the website (www.1-up-studio.jp) , which roughly translates to read:

“On February 1st 2013, (formerly) Brownie Brown changed its name to 1-UP Studio Incorporated. Our office moved from Kichijoji to Iidabashi so that we can turn over a new leaf in a new environment. We would like to work hard together to develop software products that will satisfy our customers.”

1-UP Studio is fully owned by Nintendo, with a current staff list of 18 people. It’s fewer than Brownie Brown’s 32, but we’re happy to see the developer continue onward and look forward to bringing us new, exciting games in the future.


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