Nintendo Wants to Be On Your Smartphone

A report coming out of Japan from the Japan Times is giving us a little glimpse into what Nintendo may have planned for the future. While this information hasn’t been confirmed (and unfortunately, we don’t speak Japanese), this isn’t News of the World or anything. No Batboy here!

According to the paper, Nintendo is offering high-level conversion software to app developers “so they can produce smartphone games that can be played on Wii U.” And while that may sound a little surprising, it shouldn’t be—considering the lack of desirable games on the Wii U thus far (and the recent slew of cancellations and delays), it makes sense that Nintendo would look outside the box for any other possible way to get their system back on people’s radar.

Hopefully, the addition of some popular game app titles will give non-Wii U owners a reason to head out and invest in a console.


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