LEGO Friends Sashays Onto 3DS

Look, there’s more to LEGO games than car chases, building platforms, and taking out bad guys.

I know, I know. You can’t imagine how that’s possible, right?

LEGO is so much more versatile than movie or comic branded games… no, really! Look on store shelves—there’s plenty of LEGO stuff for kids of all ages and interests. So, naturally, it’s about time a LEGO game was created to cater to those… differing interests. Things like dancing, and shopping, and… scrapbooking.

Yes indeed, Warner Bros. Interactive has made an announcement for LEGO Friends, an upcoming game that’s based on the popular LEGO line of toys marketed to young girls. The game will be for the DS and 3DS, and it’ll be coming to store shelves this fall.

LEGO Friends’ theme centers around a group of five female friend (recognizable to fans of the toys), and players will be able to interact with them and explore their world freely, going on friendship-building adventures, taking dance lessons at the in-game studio, buying customized outfits and accessories at an in-game store, and much more.

To entice the reluctant, the game will also include a selection of adorable pets, each with a special skill that can help the characters on their adventures. The game will be developed by TT Games, a familiar face in the line of LEGO games.

It certainly sounds different than the vast majority of LEGO games available these days, so… maybe this is the LEGO game you’ve been waiting for…?


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