Mega Man Graphic Novel Now Available

Yep, more Mega Man news… but it’s okay! You’ll like this one, too!

If you have some change left over after yesterday’s soundtrack purchase, you’ll want to set it aside and head out to your local comic shop later today. Dedicated fans of the Mega Man franchise will be well aware of the Archie comics stories based on the Blue Bomber, but today sees the release of a graphic novel that combines many of these comics between one set of covers.

The storylines of Mega Man Vol. 5: Rock of Ages span plenty of history and background, and include enough lore to satisfy even the most devoted of fans. The book includes issues 17-20, as well as a sneak preview of upcoming adaptations (ie. based on the WiiWare recent release of Mega Man 10).

Although the pre-order period has ended, you’ll be able to grab this baby for $11.99 either in your favourite comic shop or online at the Archie Comics Store. If you want to avoid some nasty shipping charges—especially outside of North America—hang in there and check out either your regional Amazon site, or wait until its June release in the UK.


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