Consumers Flock to Wii U After Xbox One Reveal

Microsoft’s reveal of the Xbox One didn’t go over quite as well as they’d hoped… actually, it didn’t go over well at all, particularly with experienced console gamers who value their privacy. The idea of the Kinect needing to be on at all times turned many folks off, citing that it’s not worth it just to make a channel change a fraction of a second faster. Plus, no backwards compatibility, which is almost worse. What’s the point?  

So, if Nintendo execs woke up and took Pepto to calm their quaking stomachs before the announcement, it wasn’t necessary. They’re probably grinning now, because consumers in the UK in particular are voting with their hard-earned cash.

Fellow Nintendo site revealed that the sales of Wii U on Amazon since the announcement has risen by 386%, taking the Nintendo console from a sales rank of #243 to #50, and rising.

With Nintendo’s presentation at E3 coming very soon, we might see this trend continue globally as new games are revealed and released. Looks like Nintendo isn’t out of the console race just yet!


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