Mega Man X Hits Wii U Virtual Console

The first game in Capcom’s series of ‘X’ games featuring the Blue Bomber is all set to hit the Wii U’s Virtual Console this week in North America. It’ll pop up on May 30th—and while there’s no confirmed release date for Europe at this point, we’re guessing it should show up on European consoles fairly soon.

To entice gamers, Nintendo actually released a trailer for the game! Yes, the Mega Man X was originally released in 1993 for the SNES in Japan, but the move probably comes as a way to remind folks why they love the blue-armored guy. The trailer shows Mega Man in action on the GamePad, doing what Mega Man does best: Shooting, jumping, and punching bad guys.

Take a look at the trailer below! And if you find nostalgia hitting you, well… download the game and get playing.


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