Rex Rocket Bursts Through Kickstarter Target

You may recall our post last month about a Kickstarter for a 2D platformer game called Rex Rocket, a game that’s been described elsewhere as sort of a Mega Man / Metroid mash-up. At the time of our post, the developer had confirmed online that he would do what he could do ensure the game reaches the 3DS and Wii U if the targets were reached.

And that time has come, because Rex Rocket reached and surpassed its $6k goal a few weeks ago, and ended the campaign on Sunday with a pledged $10,987. Sadly, this didn’t make the stretch goal of $11k, but being only $13 off isn’t bad at all—and the studio has gone ahead and unlocked the stretch goal rewards anyway.

Newly named studio Castle Pixel is hoping for a January 2014 launch for their game on PC, but the developer is eager to bring Rex Rocket to as many platforms as possible. Yes, that includes Nintendo platforms as well as Mac, PS Vita, iOS, and Ouya. That said, there’s no guarantee the game will actually make it onto Nintendo Wii U or 3DS (or the Vita, for that matter) just because of the way things works with these platforms, but they’re going to try their best!

 Castle Pixel said “getting Rex Rocket onto any of Nintendo’s devices would truly be a dream come true for us. We will do everything in our power to get Rex Rocket on Playstation devices, Wii U, and 3DS, but with the three platforms being closed we can’t guarantee them.”

If this is a game you’re eager to play, how can you help? Get out there and make some noise about Rex Rocket!


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