Spin the Bottle’s Unique Pricing Structure

In speaking to Nintendo news site NintendoLife, the creative director for KnapNok—Lau Korsgaard—revealed some interesting details about the upcoming Wii U title Spin the Bottle, while will be made available on the eShop. The studio isn’t going to be pricing the game in the typical way… instead, it’ll launch with a low price point, which will then rise as content is added over time.

But the players with enough foresight to buy the game when it’s first released? They’ll get all that content for free as it’s added. Currently, there are two updates planned in 2013.

Why this kind of pricing? “We want to reward the early adopters of the Wii U while still being able to earn money on the long run,” said Korsgaard.

Sounds like a way to earn loyal fans! The release date for the game should be early July, but no specific date has been given yet.


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