New Super Luigi U Trailer!

It’s almost here… hope you haven’t forgotten! Amidst the excitement of the E3 announcements, it may have slipped your mind that the download pack for New Super Mario Bros. U is arriving next week, on June 20th. The download release of Super Luigi U will come at the same time as an update for the original game, so that players can purchase Luigi’s levels through the game itself.

In addition, a standalone boxed version of the game will be available on store shelves, but at a higher price, on August 25th. The boxed version will set you back $29.99 USD, while the downloadable content will cost only $19.99 USD… not bad for a set of 82 levels! And consider that you’re not only getting single player, but a new version of multiplayer as well.

At the beginning of E3, Nintendo released a new trailer for Super Luigi U, and it’s worth a watch! The often-underestimated sibling uses the flutter jump like it’s the new hotness, and you’ll get to see the nearly-indestructible Nabbit character.

Have a watch and get ready for next week!


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