Best Buy New Leaf Items Even If You’re Best Buy Free

Does the area you live in happen to be devoid of Best Buy stores? And are you an Animal Crossing: New Leaf fan? Well, don’t despair just yet!

As you may already know, Best Buy and Nintendo have collaborated to allow Animal Crossing: New Leaf players to head to Best Buy and log into their Nintendo Zone for the next eight weeks, grabbing one of four different in-game items each time.

But… where there’s no Best Buy, there still is a way! One clever user from the Project Hyrule  forum discovered that just a few little adjustments to your router allows you to obtain these items from the comfort of your own living room!

According to user Link, here’s how you get the job done:

1)      Change your router’s SSID to “Bestbuy”. It has to be exact, with the capital B and no quotation marks. You can also do this tethering on your cell phone.

2)      Ensure you’re able to connect to your router through your 3DS Wi-Fi settings.

3)      You should receive a message on your Home screen that says you’re connected to a Nintendo Zone, but you don’t need to enter it.

4)      Load up New Leaf, visit the game’s Post Office, and ask for your present!

Between June 16-29th, it’s the Raccoon Wall-clock item up for grabs, so get it while you can! And if you’re able to get into a Best Buy—even if you do this from home—head over and let them know how much you appreciate the promotion. It’s only by supporting the stores that offer this kind of complimentary promotion that they’ll be more willing to offer similar events in future.


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