Cooking Mama 5 for 3DS in the Works

It’s been awhile since we’ve seen another entry in the Mama franchise, with Cooking Mama being under development every time we turn our heads. Whether she’s gardening, crafting, babysitting, camping, or serving up a meal, this character has plenty of domestic experience to share with players—and fans of the series will be happy to hear that Cooking Mama 5 has been officially confirmed as in development for the 3DS.

Currently, it’s only slated for a winter release in Japan, but because of the franchise’s strong track record in Europe and North America, we’re suspecting that localization won’t be too far behind.

Fans of the series in Japan also have Gardening Mama: Mama and the Forest Friends to look forward to this September on the 3DS… but let’s be honest, we’re all just waiting for another chance to chop up onions with a stylus.


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