Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney Western Release Possible

3DS owners in Europe and North America have been clutching their handhelds with hope and frustration, as they ache for Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney—a game that’s been available in Japan since last November.

As the months have passed since the Japanese release, fans of both series’ characters have begun to lose hope that the game will ever make its way across the waters… a strange concept, considering the popularity of both series.

However, the recent Japan Expo in France has released a spark of hope! The Expo was attended by site Nintendo Town, and at one point, the CEO of Level-5 studios was asked whether the game would ever make its way to Europe. His response was:

“Quelque chose est en train de se faire mais je ne peux pas vous en dire plus aujourd’hui. Soyez patient.”

And for those of you whose French is a little rusty, it means: “Something is in the process of happening, but I can’t say more today. Please be patient.” While that particular response was given with thought to France and the game’s ability, presumably it would extend to the rest of Europe.

We do know that Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney—Dual Destinies was recently awarded the go-ahead by Capcom, so 3DS owners will have a chance to play the game later in 2013… and because Level-5 is known for localising its games with frequency, it would only make sense that we’d see the Professor and the Lawyer appear at least in the eShop sometime in the nearish future.


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