3DS eBook App Details Revealed

We recently reported that books will be coming to the 3DS this fall—but only in Japan. Details were sketchy beyond initial reports that there’d be about 300 books for children available on release. We now know that Dai Nippon Printing will be in charge as the company launching the 3DS app, which they confirmed at the Tokyo International Book Fair.

Siliconera reported that the publisher believes the 3DS is an ideal platform for books, since many grade-school children in Japan have their own handheld systems. The free app will be called honto, and the books will cost far loss than their print counterparts. Alongside children’s novels will be picture books and study materials!

The concept is partially centered around providing parents with a way to get books in their kids’ hands without having to present them with a tablet or smartphone—a bit counter to what’s common here in North America, but should someone choose to bring the app to the West, a different publisher would have to pick up the project (as things like rights change depending on the country).

Honto will release in Japan this Fall!

(Images courtesy of Siliconera.)



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