New Pikmin Commercial Blends Reality(ish)

With Pikmin 3’s release just around the corner, the excitement for this game is building to a fever pitch in the hearts of the series’ fans… and it’s not surprising, considering how long this new instalment has been in coming. And it’s a Wii U game (new stuff to play on the console!), not to mention just how enthusiastic Shigeru Miyamoto has been about it both at E3 and in the weeks following. If you’ve seen any of the videos where he plays Pikmin 3 or talks about it… how can you not share his excitement?

This pending release also means an increase in marketing, and considering the nature of the game, there’s plenty of fun things Nintendo can do to try and get us to buy a copy of the upcoming title. Nintendo of America’s latest ad for the game, ahead of the August 4th release date, takes a different approach, setting the game’s featured characters in reality! Kind of.

We have a nice young man, suddenly accosted by a nasty creature… what will he do? Naturally, he’ll summon his army of Pikmin to take care of it! Mind you, the nasty creature is about the size of a cinnamon bun when placed in a “realistic” situation—soooo… can’t he just walk around it? Or give it a swift kick?—but violence by children is apparently not endorsed by Nintendo, so better to let the little colourful creatures take care of it! (Even though they can die in battle… all right, so we’ll just try not to think too hard about that part.)

Watch the trailer below, and enjoy the silliness!


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