Angry Birds Star Wars on Your Console

If paying full retail price for a smartphone game is what you’ve been waiting for, well, come on down, kids! Angry Birds Star Wars is headed your way for the Wii U, Wii, and 3DS. The breakout franchise from Rovio’s iOS / Android series is coming to your handheld and TV screen courtesy of Activision.

I shouldn’t be as surprising as it might seem, considering that the Angry Birds Trilogy has already made the leap to retail, and only yesterday, a sequel to Angry Birds Star Wars was announced for iOS.

Naturally, enticing anyone to pay full price for a smartphone game is going to be a challenge, so the official spiel for the title is promising new co-op material, competitive multiplayer, 25 hours of content and 20 brand-new levels.  This is good news for fans of the series!

The release date for this puppy is October 29th in North America, and everywhere else on November 1st.


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