Comic-Con 2013: Power Rangers on 3DS

You never know what’s going to come out of San Diego Comic-Con, and the confirmation announcement that just came down the wire is one of those strange reveals that very few (if anyone) saw coming!

Namco Bandai confirmed that they’re working on a brawler title for the 3DS, coming this fall to North America and Europe, titled Power Rangers Megaforce.

Some of us here at Nintendo Fire have fond memories of the Power Rangers’ early days… back when Rita Repulsa was still in charge, when latex monster suits were the norm, and when the Power Rangers’ shiny plastic outfits were the height of coolness. And for whatever reason, the franchise is still going strong, moving past parlour tricks and camera sleight-of-hand to expensive CGI and so many iterations of the series it’s hard to keep track.

That said, taking a look at the trailer shows that some things never change… and it’s hard for us to say that the upcoming game looks, well, any good. But who knows? It could be a lot of fun! The throwback to the original theme music might be a hint toward that end.

Will you be “saving the world with your 3DS” this fall?


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