Comic-Con 2013: New Figures Revealed for Skylanders Swap Force

As October inches ever closer, the release of Skylanders Swap Force and all the new figures is at the forefront of some people’s minds. (Or maybe just mine. Ahem.) The game will be the latest entry in the Activision series based around real-world toys, and it’ll be available on Wii U, Wii, and 3DS this fall (as well as other home consoles).

Naturally, details on the new figures will come down the line little by little, but combine some eager beaver retailers with Comic Con and you have a recipe for leaked information!

Over at Nintendo Life, some details have been pieced together on what’s been leaked by retailer along with some photos taken by folks at Comic Con. It looks like 14 of the new figures have been revealed for the upcoming game, along with some details on combo packs.

While we’re wondering if the original figures will be reposed once again for this third game, it looks like Series 3 will include Pop Fizz and Warnado, and there will be Lightcore versions of Flashwing, Warnado, and the newcomer Smolderdash. The known Swap Force figures are Boom Jet and Nitro Magna Charge, while some Core Skylanders seen in the details are called Bumble Blast, Gasteroid, Scorp, Slobber Tooth, Smolderdash, and Zoo Lou.

Check out the FamilyGamerTV video below for the visuals!


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