Black 3DS XL Coming to North America?

Remember the days when you had that shiny new 3DS? You know, the regular sized one? In black?

Color loyalists were shaken by their lack of choice not too long ago, back when the 3DS XL appeared on store shelves… “whaddaya mean, there’s only red and blue???” Peace, friend—relief is at hand. You’ll be able to hold a piece of black gold (uh, so to speak) in your hands once more soon enough.

In a commercial for Mario & Luigi: Dream Team that’s airing in North America, we see… yes, a black 3DS XL. If you think back to the days of the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon game and its commercial featuring a Pikachu 3DS XL, you’ll recall that that particular version of the handheld hit store shelves soon afterward.

Thus far, the black 3DS XL has remained part of an exclusive bundle deal in Europe and Japan, but at the very least we know it’s coming to Canadian stores as soon as this weekend. The Real Canadian Superstore’s flyer for the week lists it as a sale item, so those of us North of the border can get it as of July 26th. The rest of North America—rest easy! It’s on the way!


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