Animal Crossing Plaza on Miiverse

Yesterday’s Nintendo Direct had few surprises, but this was definitely one of them! Coming to Wii U is the Animal Crossing Plaza, which was made available immediately after the Direct presentation—for free!—and is a plaza-themed meeting place that’s of course based on the 3DS game. There will also be a Miiverse community that’s Animal Crossing themed.

While the plaza’s residents are primed to talk to you about events in the game, you can also post screenshots from Animal Crossing: New Leaf in the plaza and in the community! Just pop the 3DS SD card into the SD slot on the Wii U, and the images can be transferred out and organized.

In the Miiverse community, you can choose your favourite animals from the game, post about your favorites along with your photos, and filter posts for your favourite characters.

Some folks may be a little disappointed that this announcement wasn’t a Miiverse for the 3DS… but who’s to say it isn’t still coming in the future?

The Animal Crossing Plaza is a “limited time” feature on the Wii U, which is currently planned to run up until the end of 2014.


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